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Be it the very latest information or dialogue with experts, Cleanzone's array of events and top themes offers you the opportunity to broaden and deepen your cleanroom expertise.

Cleanzone Conference: The ultimate in cleanroom expertise

Speeker at Cleanzone Kongress

At the Cleanzone Conference, you can find out how to plan, build and operate your cleanroom reliably and efficiently. High-calibre speakers from industry, science and research will be providing information on the current status of technology and standards. Examples of applications offer you a view of what modern production under cleanroom conditions can look like. The range of topics to be covered is determined by a congress panel in conjunction with ReinraumAkademie and Messe Frankfurt.

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The conference is divided into four modules:

  • Cleanroom for Life
    – Cleanroom technology basics, standards and guidelines for cleanroom operation
    – Staff skills and training, requirements for cleanroom cleaning and verifiability

  • Upgrade your cleanroom efficiency
    – Modern and flexible design and planning for cleanroom construction
    – Dealing with contamination: AMC, particles and micro-organisms

  • Clean Life Sciences – The next level
    – From ideal project structure to process simulation
    – Disinfection requirements for cleanrooms: Challenges in the fields of pharmaceuticals and medical technology 

  • Cleanroom: Modeling the future
    – Building Information Modelling (BIM)
    – Cleanroom trends 2020+, challenges involved in the isolated observation of clean processes, innovative concepts

International jury

Conference topics and lectures are being selected by an international jury for their topicality, scientific expertise and relevance.

  • Frank Duvernell (ReinraumAkademie, Deutschland)
  • Prof. Gernod Dittel (Dittel Engineering, Deutschland)
  • Conor Murray (Irish Cleanrooms Society/ICS, Dublin, Irland)
  • Dipl.-Phys. Thomas Wollstein (Verband Deutscher Ingenieure/VDI, Deutschland)
  • Koos Agricola (VCCN, Niederlanden)

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Cleanroor Award

The CleanroomAward is aimed at companies, organisations, scientific institutions and individual persons.

ReinraumAkademie is looking for groundbreaking advances with regard to innovationsustainability and efficiency. An international jury from the fields of Research and Teaching as well as Practitioners will select the five most advanced concepts. These are then presented during the Cleanzone. The best innovation will be chosen by visitors to the trade fair.

And the winner is:

CleanroomAward Gewinner KEK

KEK GmbH, Germany  
Product: Folding table for service technicians

The nominees 2018:

AP ICT Apex Isolator cleaning tool

Apex Protect, Turkey

Product: AP ICT Apex Isolator cleaning tool 
Idea: The mop holder APICT was developed to clean isolators and LAF workbenches, as well as all parts made of autoclavable stainless steel, as simply as possible. The device is in the shape of an iron and even cleans corners that are more difficult to reach better than previous mops, due to the designed point.


Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA, Germany

Product: CAPE flexible cleanroom module
Idea: The CAPE cleanroom module is a mobile cleanroom tent that can be implemented particularly quickly and guarantees cleanliness classes from 1 to 9 in accordance with ISO 14644-1. It is individually configurable and energy-efficient, washable and reusable, and saves space in its storage.

VR process and behavioural training

Innerspace GmbH, Austria

Product: VR process and behavioural training
Idea: Using virtual reality glasses, cleanroom operators immerse themselves in realistically simulated key moments of sterile production and train correct behavior actively and sustainably. Through the integration of "Full Body Tracking", the training software recognizes even the smallest movement or posture errors. The cleanroom operator receives immediate feedback in Virtual Reality and learns to avoid behavioral mistakes.

Folding table for service technicians

KEK GmbH, Germany

Product: Folding table for service technicians
Idea: Easily and particularly quickly folding table for temporary use, for example for service technicians. It can be stored in an extremely slim and space-saving form and can be cleaned quickly and easily.

Aero Alcohol Dispenser, disinfectant dispenser

Steris Corporation, USA

Product: Aerosol Alcohol Dispenser, disinfectant dispenser
Idea: A flexible floor-mounted appliance for disinfecting hands, which can be operated by an elbow, hand or foot. It is autoclavable and can be set up securely, efficiently and flexibly, within Production or in places and at workstations where hands have to be disinfected every so often.


ReinraumAkademie GmbH
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 12-14
04103 Leipzig
Phone.: +49 341 98989 302

Jury 2018:

  • Egon Buchta
  • Frank Duvernell
  • Dr. Roy Fox
  • Prof. Dr. Gerhard Winter
  • Josef Ortner
Winner Cleanroom Award 2017

The winners of the CleanroomAward 2017 was Brendsen: Connected Cleanroom Application.

The Creative Prize 2017 goes to Mecora Medizintechnik: sphairlab.


Everything changed after the Cleanroom Award

‘Shellbe’ mobile cleanroom

In 2016, the ‘Shellbe’ mobile cleanroom unit won the Cleanroom Award at the Cleanzone trade fair. Professor Gernod Dittel and Matteo Filippi from the Adriatic Institute of Technology (AIT) in Ancona were the ones who presented this project at Cleanzone 2016, and in our interview, Prof. Dr. Gernod Dittel tells us what has happened with ‘Shellbe’ in the time since. Those who are interested have until 31 July to submit their innovations for consideration for the Cleanroom Award.

In 2016, Shellbe won the Cleanroom Award. How has this award impacted the development of this system?

“Once we won the award, everything changed. The Adriatic Institute of Technology became much more widely known, and people who had never even heard of AIT suddenly began contacting us. It was wonderful to see how this innovation spread through the industry like wildfire.”

What projects have been implemented in the meantime? What projects do you want to realise in future?

“We have received a huge number of enquiries – especially from laboratories, medical practices, hospitals and production facilities for highly toxic medications. In Italy we have even implemented Shellbe as a GMP intermediate storage facility for a hospital. Demand is particularly strong in developing countries and in crisis-affected areas. Shellbe offers a tremendous advantage here: It can be set up much more quickly and flexibly than a conventional hospital. Even the dismantling process is easy, as contaminated components can be sterilised in autoclaves.”

What is the most spectacular project that you have been involved in?

“AIT is working with the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research to develop ‘Shellbe’ laboratories that can be set up in the direct vicinity of fish farms. These labs will be used not only for the on-site analysis of samples, but also for the production of new substances aimed at reducing the use of antibiotics in fish farming. The fragility of the substances makes close proximity to aquaculture facilities absolutely essential.”

Will you also be taking Shellbe to Cleanzone Middle East, which is being held in Dubai for the first time in 2018?

“Yes, this is a market of particular interest for our mobile cleanroom. Cleanzone Middle East offers us an excellent platform from which we can enter the Gulf Region and the Middle East, and Matteo Filippi will be making a presentation on Shellbe at the event.”

Why would you recommend taking part in the Cleanzone Award?

“Getting ready for the Cleanroom Award required a great deal of work, because you have to make sure that both your project and your presentation are well prepared if you want to be successful. But it is worthwhile, as it gives rise to something that would not be available on the market otherwise.

Cleanroom Future Talks: Discussions with experts

Cleanroom Media invites you to discuss the latest trends in the cleanroom industry with experts in a small, personal group. Get answers to the specific questions that matter for your production.

Top Themes Cleanzone 2018

The trade fair will be addressing safety and security in cleanrooms, with a particular focus on such things as digital access controls and counterfeit protection. Thanks to biotechnology and genetic engineering, the use of targeted therapies and custom diagnostics is becoming ever more common. The demands placed on cleanrooms by modern and personalised medicine and medical technology products are another top theme at the trade fair. In addition, aspects such as the simulation of cleanroom processes and the use of the BIM method to plan production facilities will be discussed at Cleanzone 2018. By visualising airflows before construction has started, it is possible to identify sources of contamination in advance and take appropriate steps. Throughout all the themes, events and exhibitor presentations, two key drivers of innovation are evident: digitisation and energy-efficiency.


Cleanzone Campus

Cleanzone Campus 2017

Focus on research and development
Universities and research institutes are drivers of innovation for industry – particularly in the highly dynamic field of cleanroom technology. Their findings give rise to new approaches, offer solutions to current problems and lay the foundation for future products and processes. The list of institutions that have already signed on includes Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA), Hermann-Rietschel-Institut at the Technical University of Berlin, OTH – Technical University of Applied Sciences, Amberg-Weiden and METAS (Federal Institute of Metrology).

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