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Themes & Events

Be it the very latest information or dialogue with experts, Cleanzone's array of events and top themes offers you the opportunity to broaden and deepen your cleanroom expertise.

Cleanzone Award

Cleanzone Award

Together with our partner, the Wiley Corporate Solutions, publisher of the trade journal ReinRaumTechnik, we present the Cleanzone Award, which is renowned in the industry, at every Cleanzone.

The Cleanzone Award is aimed at companies, organisations, scientific institutions and individuals worldwide. It honours pioneering advances in innovation, automation, sustainability and efficiency in the field of cleanroom technology. These concepts will be presented during Cleanzone. The best concept will be selected by the trade fair audience. The Cleanzone Award will be presented at Cleanzone on 26. September 2024 in Frankfurt am Main. The winner will receive a cheque for 3,000.00 euros from Cleanzone media partner "ReinRaumTechnik,".  

Application deadline: 1 July 2024
Presentation of the nominated projects: 25 September 2024
Award ceremony: 26 September 2024


Egon Buchta

Egon Buchta
Ingenieurbüro & Reinraumservice Egon Buchta GmbH

Anja Diete

Anja Diete
Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH

Dr.-Ing. Roy T. Fox

Dr.-Ing. Roy T. Fox
Wiley Corporate Solutions

Josef Ortner

Josef Ortner
Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmid

Prof. Dr. Andreas Schmid
Hochschule Albstadt-Sigmaringen

And the winner 2022 is:

Cleanroor Award

reinraummieten: Reinraum mieten

The project provides temporary, individually configurable cleanrooms.

Cleanzone Award winner

reinraummieten: Cleanroom rental
The project provides temporary, individually configurable cleanrooms.

Textilforschungsinstitut Thüringen-Vogtland e.V. (TITV Greiz), Ortner Reinraumtechnik GmbH and Humboldt- Universität zu Berlin AG Photobiophysik: Textiles that is only 100 nanometres thick. This coating shields them against things such as cyanobacteria and moulds.

Friedrich Sailer: Hygienic Design Magnet – Magnetic Mounting Solution for Cleanrooms

Cleanroom Award winner

KEK: Besonders leicht faltbarer Inspektionswagen für Reinräume

Berendsen: Innovation „Connected Cleanroom Application“

Adriatic Institute of Technology: Mobile Reinraumeinheit „Shellbe“

InfraSolution: RobotScanFlex, einen automatisierten Filterintegritätstest

Intial Textil: Reinraumanzug „CleanVision“

Laborial: Blautouch, interaktiver Werktisch für Labore, Reinräume und kritische Bereiche des Krankenhauses

Technology of Sense: APMON - Erweiterter Echtzeit-Partikel-Monitor

Cleanzone 2024 Top Themes

Cleanzone 2024 is the meeting place for cleanroom and cleanliness technology, hygiene and contamination control experts. The top themes of the upcoming Cleanzone include the most important trends and developments in the areas of technology and innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as training and expertise.

Technology and innovations for a wide range of applications

Robootor Arm

This top topic deals with the importance of technology and innovations in the cleanroom. In almost every industry, products are being manufactured under clean conditions; technical details are therefore crucial. The scope of this topic ranges from automotive production to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The production of medical cannabis, for example, requires aseptic production processes and a cleanroom environment. Cleanroom technology is also used in the dismantling of nuclear power plants or in the production of semiconductors, batteries and components for electromobility. Here, it is essential to meet special quality requirements and specific standards and to ensure efficient production. Innovations, for example in digitalization and in the field of artificial intelligence, drive the industry forward and at the same time contribute to the sustainability and profitability of companies. Cleanzone is the place where technical and innovative solutions are on display.

Energy efficiency and sustainability in cleanrooms


How do you save energy in the cleanroom? This is a major issue in the industry. New energy, energy optimization, CO2 footprint, new regulations and certifications are the buzz words here. The taxonomy regulation as part of the EU's Green Deal confronts cleanroom specialists with new challenges. Ecological and sustainable qualities must now be made measurable; this results in new fields of action and objectives. But this also creates opportunities, as sustainability contributions foster a positive reputation. Solutions for energy saving include flexible project planning, new production methods such as the "breathing factory" and product innovations, for example in the field of clean room dehumidification. Cleanzone provides the ideal platform for a professional exchange on this topic.

Education, lifelong learning and professional qualification

Cleanzone Conference

An important element enabling cleanroom companies to grow and achieve their sustainability goals is qualified personnel. In particular, the special know-how required for planning and operating cleanrooms cannot be acquired through a single training course. Rather, specialized knowledge is built up through experience, continuous training and lifelong learning. The industry is also affected by a general shortage of personnel. One of the ways to retain and attract skilled personnel is to enhance the image of cleanroom companies. Cleanzone not only fulfills the task of sharing and exchanging expertise and know-how, but also serves as a platform where staff can be recruited.

Cleanzone Conference: Two days of pure knowledge transfer

Zuhörer beim Cleanzone Kongress

The Cleanzone Conference's multifaceted lecture programme focuses on current and future-oriented topics and reflects the interdisciplinary cleanroom industry. A number of experts will share their knowledge on the most current topics that move the industry. The conference is included in the admission price for all trade fair visitors.

We also had a comprehensive programme for Cleanzone 2022.

Review Cleanzone Conference 2022

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High energy costs and increasingly stringent sustainability requirements are currently two of the most important issues for any industry.

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