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Facts & Figures about Cleanzone

Cleanzone in Frankfurt is where cleanroom operators from every industry come to find out about the latest innovations in the field of cleanroom technology. Almost one third of trade visitors travel to Frankfurt from abroad. Find out more about other significant facts and figures for Cleanzone here.

Figures for Cleanzone 2018

Nearly 1,300 cleanroom technology experts from 39 countries discussing the latest innovations and trends over two days in Frankfurt.

Trade visitor
Involved in purchasing
Investment projects
concrete investment projects

Special interest / Applications / Trade visitor:

  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Bio-technology
  • Chemical industry, analytics, cosmetics
  • Healthcare
  • Food technology
  • Surface- and polymer technology
  • Micro-electronic + Micro-system technology
  • Optical + laser technology
  • Aerospace technology
  • Automotive industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Chemical industry
Food technology
Surface- and polymer technology
Micro-electronic + Micro-system technology
Optical + laser technology
Aerospace technology
Automotive industry

Trade visitors at Cleanzone

Cleanzone is intended for international visitors from all areas of application for life sciences and micro-technology. It presents an overview of the entire process from the planning and construction to the operation of cleanrooms.

Products of Cleanzone

Cleanroom showcase

Construction Components

  • Floors
  • Ceiling canels
  • Pass-throughs
  • Lighting
  • Doors / door systems
  • Wall panels and coatings
  • Interlock control systems
  • Clean but not classified (CNC) spaces

Modular technologies

  • Modular systems
  • Safety cabinets
  • Isolators
  • RABS (Restricted Access Barrier Systems)
  • intelligent access controls / systems
  • Microenvironments
  • Flow boxes
  • Containment-solutions
  • Safety storage and chemical cabinets

Technical systems and components

  • Exhaust systems and supply air systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Hydraulic, vacuum and pneumatic systems
  • Air conditioners
  • Ventilation and air conditioning measuring systems
  • Visualisation systems
  • Industrial vacuum cleaners / Vacuum units

Lock device

  • Dispensers and disposal systems
  • Hand cleaners and disinfection systems
  • Furnishing (Garment Storage, Sit-Over)
  • Air showers


  • Integrated security equipment (protection against unauthorised access)
  • Laboratory and cleanroom furnishing (desks, tables, ...)
  • Security workstations

Handling and storage systems

  • Robots
  • Transport
  • Integrated storage and bumping systems


  • Disinfection systems
  • Cleaning machines
  • Sterilisation
  • Cleaning of operating materials (apparel, tools,...)

Measuring systems

  • Particle counters
  • Temperature recorders and humidity meter
  • Airflow meter
  • Microbiology

Apparel and supplies

  • Coveralls / coats
  • Gloves
  • Hoods / face masks / Safety goggles
  • Shoes / boots
  • Other supplies
  • Rental / leasing

Cleaning supplies

  • Disinfectants and/or cleaning agents
  • Cleansing apparatus
  • Sponges / wipers / swabs
  • Mops / mop heads

Pure media

  • Ultra-pure water and other liquids
  • Gases
  • Processes & systems


  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Inline packaging systems


  • Testing and detection equipment
  • Evaluation procedure


  • Stationery
  • Signs

Consulting / technical advices

  • Consulting
  • Design
  • Qualification
  • Validation
  • Occupational safety
  • ESD consulting
  • Turnkey cleanrooms

Test and certification

  • Calibration
  • Plant qualification
  • Process validation
  • Certification


  • Control and regulation
  • Monitoring
  • Operations
  • Engineering
  • Logistics

Other Services

  • Cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Fumigation gas injection
  • Maintenance, inspection, repair and overhaul
  • Cleanrooms to rent


Research & Developmnet

  • University
  • Research Institute
  • Associations


  • E-Learning
  • Film
  • Guidelines
  • Publisher / Trade Journal / Books

FKM certified

Cleanzone is certified: The exhibitor and visitor figures for Cleanzone have been certified and are independently verified by the Society for Voluntary Control of Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM) each year.

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