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Cleanliness stands for quality. Cleanzone on 23. + 24. November 2022 in Frankfurt am Main will showcase innovations and solutions to optimise the entire production process for cleanliness. With its interdisciplinary approach, the international trade fair for cleanroom and cleanliness technology, hygiene and contamination control addresses both classic and new fields of application.

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Ralf Stahl
Karoline Matzi
Serdar Tuncer
Mario Sauerbrey, Martin Schäfer


Cleanzone 23. + 24. November 2022

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Cleanzone networks suppliers of cleanroom- and cleanliness technology with decision-makers and technicians from the industry from more than 40 countries.

As a cross-sectional trade fair, Cleanzone covers all relevant application industries that manufacture in cleanrooms and clean areas today and in the future.

This makes Cleanzone the international hub of cleanroom and clean technology for the world's most important growing markets of the future.

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