Partner and strategy commission

Cleanzone is supported by strong partners from all industries that utilise cleanroom production.

Marketing and content partner

Logo Cleanroom Future Germany

Cleanroom Future AG
Vorstadt 4
CH-3380 Wangen an der Aare

Award Partner

Partner associations

Strategy commission

Cleanzone has established an effective strategy commission to ensure that it is ready for the future:

  • Dr. Jürgen Blattner, BSR Ingenieurbüro
  • Frank Duvernell, Cleanroom Future AG
  • Joachim Ludwig, Colandis
  • Andreas Maul, Viessmann Technologies GmbH
  • Michael Müller, vali.sys
  • Josef Ortner, Ortner Reinraumtechnik
  • Thorsten Schmitt, Siemens
  • Markus Thamm,

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