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Cleanzone Award 2024

The innovation award for cleanroom technologies

Since 2012, this award has recognized people and their entrepreneurial courage to do things differently than before. The award recognises pioneering progress in terms of innovation, automation, sustainability and efficiency in the field of cleanroom technology. The prize is aimed internationally at companies, organizations, scientific institutions and individuals.

Your application:

You have developed an innovation that you believe is worthy of an award? Then it’s time for you to present your idea and impress the trade fair audience and a panel of experts.

Application deadline: 1. July 2024

Presentation of the nominees: 25. September 2024

Award Ceremony: 26. September 2024

Please submit your concept in the form of a clearly structured PDF file (max. 8 MB) by no later than 1. July 2024 to Please submit your application materials submitted in English! For German-speaking applicants, we will also accept concepts in German and English.

Please remember the following items when making your submission:

  • Clear formulation of the innovative character
  • Informative pictures / product photos
  • Contact details of a contact person

There is a fascinating story behind every innovation – tell us yours!

Please upload your concept as a clearly structured PDF file (maximum 8 MB) in English.

If you have any questions about the Cleanzone Award, please contact