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Cleanzone 2024: Networking and Knowledge Transfer

20 Jun 2024

Cleanzone 2024 will bring the global cleanroom industry together in Frankfurt am Main on 25 and 26 September. The key topics of technical innovation, energy efficiency and lifelong learning will be the focus of the event and will give new momentum to the market. Leading suppliers from all over the world and from all areas of cleanroom technology have already registered. The Cleanzone Conference offers an attractive and highly informative conference programme on both days of the trade fair, thus contributing to the transfer of knowledge between suppliers, users and experts.

The cleanroom community is looking forward to Cleanzone, the international trade fair for cleanroom and cleanliness technology, hygiene and contamination control, on 25 and 26 September in Frankfurt. The trade fair is expecting exhibitors from around 15 countries to present their innovations to an international trade audience; about one third of the exhibitors are new. In addition to the established suppliers, numerous start-ups will also be present this time, for example from the fields of particle measurement, digitalisation and qualification. The exhibitor search for Cleanzone 2024 will be available on the Website from 3 July 2024.

Cleanzone Conference: The innovation forum for cleanroom technology

In addition to the highlights from the exhibiting companies, the specialist supporting programme will set the tone. This year's Cleanzone Conference will once again present visions for the future and pick up on current industry trends. Energy efficiency, new cleanroom concepts and digitalisation - these topics are currently driving developments in cleanroom technology. Cleanroom environments are required wherever there is a risk of contamination from particles. The regulatory environment, such as the new Annex 1, demands significantly more automation. The requirements for product and personal protection are high. The Cleanzone Conference addresses all of these topics.

The content of the first day of the conference has been organised by Messe Frankfurt together with the Vogel Communication Group. In his keynote speech, Gernot Dittel from Dittel Engineering will highlight what the cleanroom industry can learn from space research. Hans Eder from ZETA GmbH will demonstrate the cost-cutting potential offered by energy-efficient solutions for HVAC and utilities. And Holger Saal from Kyoobee Tech shares his knowledge of the future technology ATMP (Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products).

The second day of the conference programme will be organised this year by the ICCCS International Confederation of Contamination Control Societies. One of the speakers is Conor Murray, Chairman ICCCS on "The Future of Contamination Control" and "Global Challenges in Cleanrooms for Energy Management". Matts Ramstorp will speak on "Garments in future Class B cleanrooms" and Hasim Solmaz, expert and Secretary General of the ICCCS, on "New GMP Annex 1 + Contamination Control Strategy".

The detailed conference programme is available at  

The Cleanzone Conference addresses current industry trends.Source: Messe Frankfurt
The Cleanzone Conference addresses current industry trends.Source: Messe Frankfurt

Innovation as a success factor: the Cleanzone Award

Innovations, for example in digitalisation and in the field of artificial intelligence, are driving the cleanroom industry forward and at the same time contribute to the sustainability and profitability of companies. With the Cleanzone Award, which is presented in collaboration with the publishing house Wiley and its publication "ReinRaumTechnik", Cleanzone supports companies in their endeavours to introduce innovations to the market. Products, ideas and innovations that help to make clean production processes more efficient and sustainable can be submitted. A high-calibre jury will nominate up to five outstanding concepts, which will be presented at Cleanzone. The winner will be chosen by the public during the trade fair. The award will be presented on 26 September 2024 at Cleanzone in Frankfurt am Main. The winner will receive a cheque for 3,000.00 Euros from Cleanzone media partner "ReinRaumTechnik".  

Submissions can be made from now until 1 July 2024 via the following link:

The top themes reflect what is driving the industry

Cleanzone 2024 reflects the topics that significantly influence the business of exhibiting companies and trade fair visitors. At its core are the top themes of technology and innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability, as well as training, lifelong learning and qualifications. They characterise the offerings at the stands and the expert conference programme.

The top themes in detail:

Technology and innovations for a wide range of applications

This top theme deals with the importance of technology and innovations in the cleanroom. In almost every industry, products are being manufactured under clean conditions; technical details are therefore crucial. The scope of this topic ranges from automotive production to biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. The production of medical cannabis, for example, requires aseptic production processes and a cleanroom environment. Cleanroom technology is also used in the dismantling of nuclear power plants or in the production of semiconductors, batteries and components for electromobility. Here, it is essential to meet special quality requirements and specific standards and to ensure efficient production. Innovations, for example in digitalization and in the field of artificial intelligence, drive the industry forward and at the same time contribute to the sustainability and profitability of companies. Cleanzone is the place where technical and innovative solutions are on display.

Energy efficiency and sustainability in cleanrooms

How do you save energy in the cleanroom? This is a major issue in the industry. New energy, energy optimization, CO2 footprint, new regulations and certifications are the buzz words here. The taxonomy regulation as part of the EU's Green Deal confronts cleanroom specialists with new challenges. Ecological and sustainable qualities must now be made measurable; this results in new fields of action and objectives. But this also creates opportunities, as sustainability contributions foster a positive reputation. Solutions for energy saving include flexible project planning, new production methods such as the "breathing factory" and product innovations, for example in the field of clean room dehumidification. Cleanzone provides the ideal platform for a professional exchange on this topic.

Education, lifelong learning and professional qualification

An important element enabling cleanroom companies to grow and achieve their sustainability goals is qualified personnel. In particular, the special know-how required for planning and operating cleanrooms cannot be acquired through a single training course. Rather, specialized knowledge is built up through experience, continuous training and lifelong learning. The industry is also affected by a general shortage of personnel. One of the ways to retain and attract skilled personnel is to enhance the image of cleanroom companies. Cleanzone not only fulfills the task of sharing and exchanging expertise and know-how, but also serves as a platform where staff can be recruited.

Cleanzone - interdisciplinary and international

The international cross-section fair Cleanzone connects the most diverse industries. It offers a comprehensive market overview of the latest solutions for production and research. Exhibiting companies and visitors from all relevant application areas such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology, chemical industry, healthcare, food technology, surface and plastics technology, microelectronics, optics and laser technology, aerospace technology and the automotive industry come to network in Frankfurt.

A review of the last event shows the importance of Cleanzone: 54 per cent of visitors were high-ranking corporate decision-makers, 46 per cent had the intention of making definite investments. In addition to Germany, the most important visitor countries included the Netherlands, Türkiye, Switzerland, Ireland, France, the United Kingdom, Italy, Austria, the Czech Republic and Sweden. A survey of exhibitors and visitors during Cleanzone 2022 showed that 91 per cent of all visitors and 92 per cent of exhibitors were very satisfied.

The international cross-sectional trade fair Cleanzone forms the bridge between the most diverse industries. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH
The international cross-sectional trade fair Cleanzone forms the bridge between the most diverse industries. Source: Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH


Cleanzone, international trade fair for cleanroom and cleanliness technology, hygiene and contamination control. The event Cleanzone will be held on 25 and 26 September 2024.

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