VIP 3000 members Camfil, Friedrich Sailer and Nora Systems about their decision to exhibit at Cleanzone

Exhibitors answer three questions about Cleanzone participation.

Carsten Groth, Director of Sales and Marketing Camfil

You are returning to Cleanzone as an exhibitor this year after a few years’ absence. Why did you decide to do this?
Carsten Groth: “With its range of products for cleanroom technology, Camfil is a perfect fit for Cleanzone. We want to showcase Camfil as a leading company and partner in the field of air quality and cleanroom filtration offering innovative products and solutions. Raising our profile and focusing our efforts – these are our objectives at Cleanzone 2019.”

What are you hoping to achieve for your business at Cleanzone 2019?
Carsten Groth: “We want to strengthen our contacts with domestic and international visitors to the trade fair – not just with existing customers, but with potential customers as well. Finding out what trade fair visitors are looking for in cleanroom technology in future, and what their processes look like, are more important to us at Cleanzone than simply selling ‘clean air’. Besides, we value the special atmosphere of this trade fair, and are looking forward to returning.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing cleanroom filtration technology over the next few years, and what technological advances do you expect to see?
Carsten Groth: “Production facilities are becoming increasingly complex, and the requirements placed on cleanrooms are growing. These cleanroom requirements can vary significantly, and it is not always possible to satisfy the stricter purity demands for cleanroom air with standard solutions. There is a need for high-tech air filter products and solutions that have been tailored to the specific processes. Here too, digitalisation is becoming ever more important, and we want to do our part. As air filtration experts, we aim to collaborate with customers so that we can offer them solutions that have been developed and customised with their needs in mind.”

Christoph Mützel, Managing director Friedrich Sailer GmbH

This is the first year that you have exhibited at Cleanzone. Why did you decide to do this?
Christoph Mützel: “We have been observing Cleanzone for a number of years now, but scheduling conflicts have meant we were unable to exhibit here in the past. In 2019, we have not only developed a number of innovative assembly solutions for cleanrooms, but have also expanded our product range with the addition of HPL systems, and it was the opportunity to present these products at Cleanzone that was decisive in our decision to exhibit here this year.

What are you hoping to achieve for your business at Cleanzone 2019?
Christoph Mützel: “We are looking forward to making new and interesting contacts, enjoying productive talks with customers and partners, and naturally also to launching new projects for the months ahead.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing cleanroom technology over the next few years?
Christoph Mützel: “The cleanroom industry, like every other sector, is being challenged by a shortage of specialists. At the same time, projects are becoming increasingly complex. More and more customers want customised solutions, and the demands being placed on digitalisation processes (keyword: BIM) continue to grow. Surviving and prospering in this challenging environment is the key goal of everyone in the market.”

Christian Fleuren, Market Segment Manager Industry Nora Systems

This year marks your return to Cleanzone as an exhibitor after a lengthier absence. Why did you decide to do this?
Christian Fleuren: “The cleanroom market is not the largest, and people in the business know who’s who. As a result, two annual trade fairs competing with each other in the same sector is a bit too much. Even so, we've decided to take part again in 2019 because we are hoping to meet target and visitor groups that differ significantly from those found at Lounges in Karlsruhe.”

What are you hoping to achieve for your business at Cleanzone 2019?
Christian Fleuren: “We are looking for inspiration and new approaches for current and future projects and areas of application, as well as new contacts amongst decision-makers in the construction, planning and utilisation of cleanrooms.”

What do you see as the biggest challenges facing cleanroom technology over the next few years?
Christian Fleuren: “Users’ increasingly demanding requirements are giving rise to ever more complex projects, and we see this as a major challenge. For those who are not able to keep pace, the market will be unforgiving. Thanks to our continuous and close contact with individual users, decision-makers and interest groups in the cleanroom sector, we always have our finger on the pulse of the market and can anticipate new market requirements in time to act.”

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