Interview with Martin Birch

Martin Birch, Director of Architecture, Europe - G-CON, is one of the speakers of this year’s Cleanzone Conference. In the interview he tells us what participants can expect in his presentation: “The Benefits & Considerations of Off-Site Construction Vs Traditional Build Cleanrooms".

Martin Birch, Director of Architecture, Europe - G-CON
Martin Birch, Director of Architecture, Europe - G-CON

“What’s different in design and architecture of cleanrooms today?“

“Over the last 30 years or so there has been a trend towards pre-engineered, modular, monobloc cleanroom panel systems and away from the more traditional ‘stick-built’ approach of commercial drywall and other traditional trades. Clients and Architectural & Engineering organisations are recognising the advantages of consolidating the design, fabrication, installation and commissioning of ‘critical cGMP manufacturing space’ with a single specialist contractor that understand the requirements of Cleanroom design. Engaging pre-engineered systems and their designated installers reduces the overall risk associated with cost and schedule. Also, there is a higher level of certainty with regard to the final outcome, performance and quality compared to coordinating traditional trades.


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“Why do we need new approaches to design and architecture of cleanrooms today?”

“The industry continues to evolve, 30 years ago probably 90% of Cleanroom projects were designed and constructed as ‘stick-built’ using traditional trades. Today approximately 90% of projects are executed using some form of modular, pre-engineered system. The pre-engineered, offsite manufactured cleanroom POD such as G-CON offers additional advantages to monobloc systems, that a facility can be completed, assembled, tested inclusive of FAT and IQ before it leaves the manufacturing facility. The POD approach significantly reduces the cost, schedule and safety risks associated with coordinating multiple contractors and trades, of varying nationalities and cultural backgrounds at the same construction site. In addition, G-CON POD manufacture offers the opportunity of ‘parallel workfaces’ enabling the ‘critical GMP space to be effectively constructed simultaneously to the construction of the host facility shell space. Ultimately the above result in an earlier potential ROI (Return On Investment) for the client.”

“What are the main topics of your presentation at Cleanzone?

”The main topics of the presentation shall be as follows: “The Benefits & Considerations of Off-Site Construction Vs Traditional Build Cleanrooms". This includes clonability, footprint compression, scalability, increased ROI, reduced project timelines, robust containment, equipment integration, fast construction & installation, reduction of infrastructure planning, reliable cost & deliverables.”