In the following, we have compiled answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ) for you.

Stand Set-up

How high is the hall? What kind of floor loading and lighting does the hall in question have? You can obtain this information at technical specifications of the hall.

The interactive hall plan showing details of Cleanzone 2019 can be found here.

The basic construction height is 2.50 m. If stands are higher than 2.50 m, the sides facing the neighbouring stands must be smooth and white. The upper edge of the lighting / advertising etc. must be kept within the maximum construction height. Any advertising must be kept at least 1 metre away from the border to the neighbouring stand.

The building heights at hall 1.2:
Stand size up to 30 sqm:
Hall 1.2: 4.00m

Stand size above 30 sqm:
Hall 1.2: 6.50m

With stands that are open on one and two sides, 6 cm should be subtracted in each case from the stand-width stated, in order to obtain the clear inside dimensions.

Messe Frankfurt erects standard stand partition walls that are 2.50 m high with adjustable feet of up to 0.12 m in length. Please order these (free of charge) at the Shop for Exhibitor Services. If you have any questions or require any alterations, please contact

Please note that the stand walls must not be damaged (no nails, screws etc.).

Stands located in outdoor areas, temporary structures, mobile stands, two-storey stands, special mountings and special designs have to be approved separately and are subject to a charge.

Special designs include, for example:

  • stands that are more than 100 sqm in area
  • two-storey constructions
  • walls higher than 4 m
  • closed ceilings
  • platforms higher than 0.20 m
  • glass structures
  • moving components

Suitably scaled stand plans (e.g. 1:100) are to be submitted in duplicate for approval at the latest six weeks before construction begins and labelled in German or English. They should be submitted to:

Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH
Technical Event Management
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
D-60327 Frankfurt am Main

Special circumstances applying to the side of the stand bordering on the aisle
The stand construction must be made as transparent as possible if it borders on an aisle. A frontage with a layout that is up to 70% open is desirable. Long, enclosed stand structures bordering on aisles are not permitted. Please check the technical guidelines point 4.7.1. In the case of non-compliance we explicitly reserve the right to have modifications made onsite.

The hall 1.2 is a pillar-free hall level.

In most of the halls, it is possible to suspend objects from the ceiling subject to the conditions specified in our Shop for Exhibitor Services. The suspension work may be executed only by the hall electrician. To place your order, please use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

If you have any inquiries and for an individual offer, please consult:

Suspensions Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-68 99

The hall managers’ offices are marked by pictograms. The hall manager is your first point of contact for all on-the-spot questions and can be reached by telephone under:
Hall 1: +49 69 75 75-6301

Here you will also receive the cabin keys for your stand if it is built by our stand construction company MFS Fairconstruction.

Arrival/Set-up and Dismantling/Parking Regulations

Regular Set up of Cleanzone at Hall 1.2

16. November 2020: 7 a.m. – 10 p.m.
17. November 2020: 7 a.m. – midnight
18. November 2020: 0 a.m. – 5 a.m.

Please note:
The entrance to the fairground is only necessary at the set-up days via the check-in at the gate north!

On 17. November 2020 at 3 p.m. the carpet will be layed in the aisles - therefore from this time on you are only allowed to carry out set-up work on your stand space.

The dismantling of the Cleanzone in Hall 1.2

19. November 2020: 4 p.m. – midnight
20. November 2020: 0 a.m. – 22 p.m.

Once the empties have been delivered, the fairground is opened to drive for trucks. The entrance is only possible via check-in at gate north.

For cars with a gross vehicle weight of up to 2.5 tons we make parking spaces available. There is a parking fee. Please make your reservation via Shop for Exhibitor Services at least 6 weeks before the start of the event. Orders placed after the order deadline may no longer be served.

For car trailers we set up chargeable parking spaces on the exhibition grounds; these must also be ordered via Shop for Exhibitor Services no later than 6 weeks before the start of the event.

Vans and lorries can be parked in the lorry park of Messe Frankfurt Venue GmbH, Rebstock Parking Area E and E1. There is also a parking fee for this. You do not need to reservate them.

Vehicles delivering goods are permitted to enter the fairground during the days of the fair for one hour (on the last day of the fair only until 2 pm). To ensure the time limit is observed, each driver leaves a deposit of EUR 100, which is not returned if the one-hour period is exceeded.

On our website you will find information on how to get there by car.

Low emission zone Frankfurt am Main – Bear this in mind when arriving by car
The City of Frankfurt’s low emission zone is located within the orbital motorway, which is marked off by the A5 Federal Motorway in the West, the A3 in the South and the A661 in the East. For vehicles belonging to the appropriate emissions group and the emissions sticker to go with, it is possible to access the fair at any time. Vehicles without a sticker may also access the fair and exhibition centre via West Gate and North Gate. Coming from the A5, these can be reached via Motorway A648, taking the ‘Rebstock’ exit, or via the Katharinenkreisel roundabout. Messe Frankfurt’s Rebstock multi-storey car park can also be reached by taking the Rebstock exit.


The City of Frankfurt’s low emission zone is located within the orbital motorway, which is marked off by the A5 Federal Motorway in the West, the A3 in the South and the A661 in the East. For vehicles belonging to the appropriate emissions group and the emissions sticker to go with it, it is possible to access the fair at any time. Vehicles without a sticker may also access the fair and exhibition centre via West Gate and North Gate. Coming from the A5, these can be reached via Motorway A648, taking the ‘Rebstock’ exit, or via the Katharinenkreisel roundabout.  

Check-in/Vehicle registration

There are two ways in which you can register your vehicle. You can register your vehicle in advance online, or you can register on site at Messe Frankfurt’s registration areas on the day you wish to enter. To do so, please follow the “Check-In” signs.

You will require the following information to register your vehicle:

  • Driver’s name
  • Driver’s mobile phone number
  • Hall and stand number
  • Exhibitor’s name
  • Vehicle plate number

You can order logistics services from Messe Frankfurt Logistics Services. You can reach Messe Frankfurt Logistics Services as follows:

Phone: +49 69 75 75-60 75

If you registered online, you can print out your vehicle pass yourself. If you register on site, you will be given your vehicle pass at the gate where you enter Messe Frankfurt.

In the event that the vehicle plate number changes, please report to the registration area on the day you wish to enter. Personnel on site will update the information for you.

Registration can also be carried out without the vehicle plate number (it is not a required field). The missing vehicle plate number will be entered at the “Check-In”.

As soon as an unloading area becomes available at your exhibition hall, as the driver you will be sent an SMS text message containing your entry time and the corresponding entry gate.

No – in order to be able to obtain a parking pass for the exhibition grounds while the event is in progress, you must order a parking pass online from Messe Frankfurt’s Shop for Exhibitor Services.

If you have registered a MyAccount and used this to complete your online registration, your master data will be saved for subsequent registrations.

When you depart the exhibition grounds in your vehicle, you will give your vehicle pass to personnel at the gate, or they will simply scan it in order to register your departure.

No – a vehicle pass is only valid for one entry and exit.

The driver receives information via SMS text messages.

In order to receive notification of when to go from the registration area to the exhibition grounds, a mobile communication device is absolutely essential.


The deadline for your entries is 19 October 2020. Last calls made at a later date cannot be
considered. If you have questions regarding your print entry, please contact:

Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH

Telephone +49 69 75 75-51 31

Your promotional material is available on our website Here you will find free digital advertising materials with which you can easily attract a lot of attention to your trade fair presentation.

At the Medialounge you can hire a press compartment for your printed press materials. In addition to this, you can book an online-press compartment for textual and photographic materials, so you can present the media with your innovations.

If you would like to organise a press briefing at your stand or in a conference room at the Exhibition Centre, we can enter the date in our official list of press appointments. Apart from this, we can also help with organising a suitable conference room.

For further information please contact:
Kristin Klees
Telephone +49 69 75 75-56 72

During the Cleanzone, wireless access to the Internet is available to you – as a registered user - free of charge throughout the fairgrounds. This service is suitable for accessing websites and occasionally checking and sending emails. Extensive Wi-Fi use throughout the fairgrounds may limit coverage at individual locations.

If you require guaranteed bandwidth, we suggest that you order Wi-Fi compatible products subject to a fee at the Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Please consult your contractual partner: Using the Shop for Exhibitor Services he can empower you to do one of two things: either he can set up an additional account for you so that you can order services on his behalf or he requests a separate account to be set up for you so that you can order on your own account.

We can lay an electrical socket for you via the hall ceiling or via the supply ducts in the hall floor to any point you choose in your stand. Here too you should use our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, and for a personalised offer, please consult:

Electricity Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-66 70

Messe Frankfurt’s logistic service enables you to order forklift trucks, cranes and other technical equipment and deals with your full and empty freight containers, as well as the receipt, warehousing and delivery of your freight to your stand at the required time.

Forklift and crane services on the exhibition grounds can be ordered only through Messe Frankfurt and will be performed by the logistics partners. The same applies to the storage of empty and full freight containers during the event.

For advice tailored to your requirements please contact:

Logistics Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-60 75

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, please contact:

Stand Surveillance Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-68 95

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Should you have any questions, please contact

Cleaning Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Via our Shop for Exhibitor Services. Waste accumulating at the stand during the course of the fair is disposed of by the exhibition company. At the end of the fair, please place the bag containing the waste in the aisle. For larger amounts we ask you to order a waste container.

During the set-up and dismantling period you can dispose of special waste such as paints, lacquers etc, in the collection containers provided. For all other kinds of waste please order an appropriate container. Should you have any questions, please contact:

Waste Disposal Team
Telephone +49 69 75 75-69 11

Advertising before, during and after the Trade Fair

Advertising Services – your specialist for advertising. We make brands visible. 

Your contact:
Angela Glaser-Gallion
Telephone +49 69 75 75-5285

Your contact:

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH
Telephone +49 69 7 56 02-0

You will find an overview of the catering offer here: or at our Shop for Exhibitor Services.

Please note that entry permits for other caterers basically require prior approval and are subject to the payment of a fee.

Your contact:

Accente Gastronomie Service GmbH
Telephone +49 69 7 56 02-0

Your contact to talk to in this case is:

Viktor Zipp
Telephone +49 69 75 75-57 78

You can use our online hotel reservation service:

Your inquiries contact:
Tourismus + Congress GmbH
Telephone +49 69 21 23-88 00

More information about arrival & stay

Exhibitor passes/Parking vouchers/Set-up and dismantling passes/Admission ticket vouchers

Set-up and dismantling tickets are available for download our portal Ticket Services for Exhibitors. Print out the cards yourself in the required number. Please enter a first and last name of your assembly and dismantling helpers for each card. Access to the exhibition grounds is only possible with a fully completed card.

Exhibitor passes are personalized and created digitally via the portal Ticket Services for Exhibitors. Your free quota is automatically assigned to your stand and is displayed in the portal.

The exhibitor passes are only valid during the event. As a rule, they entitle the owner to enter the exhibition grounds/halls one hour before the official opening hours. These tickets are intended exclusively for exhibitors and stand personnel and may not be passed on to visitors.

Visitor vouchers are available to your customers free of charge and in unlimited quantities. In the portal Shop for Exhibitor Services, you can create visitor vouchers - even during the event - and invite your customers directly by e-mail or download coupon codes for self-delivery.
Ticket Hotline:
+49 69 75 75 51 51

Parking permits can be ordered in the Shop for Exhibitor Services and printed out using the Print@Home process. Parking permits are no longer sent by post. Please also note that ordered parking permits can no longer be added.

Exhibitiors who have rented a fully equipped stand receive the included parking permit by post approximately 6 weeks before the event.

Your Contact:

APCOA PARKING Deutschland GmbH
+49 69 75 75-55 20

Covid-19: Statement and Updates

The Cleanzone team is there for you as usual. If you have any questions relating to your trade fair appearance, we are of course available via telephone or email despite the fact we’re working from home. We’re looking ahead to the future with optimism and working hard on the Cleanzone 2020.

With our newsletter you always stay up-to-date, you are welcome to register.

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH will refund the full price of any stand rentals or complete-stand packages paid. No service charges, etc., will be levied. However, you must bear all other costs incurred yourself. You will find further information about this in section 11 of our General Terms and Conditions (as of 5/2020).

Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH will send you a new agreement should the event be held at another time. In this case, your contact in the Heimtex team will get in touch with you. You will find the contact details of all members of the Cleanzone team here.

As trade fair, congress and event organisers and venue operators, the well-being of everyone involved is extremely important to us. That is why Messe Frankfurt has developed a concept for hygiene, medical and organisational measures that has been approved by the authorities.

More information

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